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Click Here for a Sample to Submit

Bigger is definitely Better

Bigger is definitely Better

Anything less in Quality or Size - Don't Submit

Quality must be 100% = Excellent!


Click Here for a Sample to Submit

Bigger is definitely Better

Quality & Quantity Big Butts

Bigger is definitely Better

Anything less in Quality or Size - Don't Submit

Quality must be 100% = Excellent!


Don't bother sending bad quality pictures

These are a few Very Good poses & acceptable quality photos! Minimum height to submit is 600 pixels

Dominican Big Butt Puta              Huge Big Butt Wife       Big Butt Black Ass       Big Butt Hairy Latinas

Big Bubble Butt Brazilian Culos           Hairy Big Butt Women           Big Butt Ebony Bootie

These are a few Very Good poses & acceptable quality photos! Minimum height to submit is 600 pixels

Please Don't Send Pics of ladies that are Too Thin for this site ( except for BJ's )  

There are at least a few TRILLION, ZILLION sites you can find thin babes on.

Please Don't Send Pics of Super Close Up shots - Thanks

Please check your computer for viruses - ( Many emails have contained Viruses )

No Boney Butts Here

Too Thin

BeckyButt's quick digital photo taking advice

  • Get a known brand name digital camera that has at least 3 Mega Pixels.
  • Set the image quality to High, Best or Fine. (if not already set with this setting)
  • Set the image size to the highest setting. (if not already set with this setting)
  • Set your camera to save images as .jpg or jpeg.  (if not already set with this setting)
  • Create a folder in your computer & name it "Originals" & save all your original, un-edited pictures there.
  • Set the camera in automatic mode.  Manual mode is really advantageous if you are an advanced user. (if not already set with this setting)
  • Set the camera with no special effects. - No date, No Black & White, No Sepia or any other special effect. (if not already set with this setting)
  • Use the automatic flash.  Pictures results are usually excellent with a flash.
  • Fill the picture frame or box with the subject.
  • Try to keep the background as plain as possible.  We're not interested in the background, just the model!  It also saves on memory...
  • Take pictures in as many different angles, poses or positions as possible.
  • Use the pictures that you see on this site to get ideas of different poses.
  • Don't edit your pictures before sending them to BeckyButt.  Send them as they come out of the camera.
  • If you have limitations with your email program when sending pics, get a free yahoo email account.
  • You can save and print a text file of the advice on this page by clicking here.

Below is advice for "above average" picture taking!

The following was contributed by my dear friend, Wally Adams

# 1

MODEL,--The Subject:  Here is one of the most important things to remember!
The photographer (the person with the camera).. should
Fill the-Picture-with-the-MODEL
and not background stuff.    they are there to see the - MODEL !
Learn how to TURN the camera for vertical type shots !!!
For instance.. if the subject is standing... then .. that's a vertical
shot.. If the subject is lying down.. then.. that's a horizontal shot (like landscape)   (Top)

# 2

When Buying a Digital Camera:
Get any name brand digital camera with 3.0 Mega Pixels & Higher. Use a Flash, & set the quality on best.       Butt, the finest camera in the world, is no good if you don't know how to use it,
or you don't take time to learn.
Experiment..Experiment..Experiment.. until you've gotten decent pics.  DON'T send
us, every friggin' thing that comes out of the camera. (There really are people who
do this).

ABOVE ALL... DO NOT SKIMP ON QUALITY.  set the resolution to HIGH or BEST.  By taking pics at a lower resolution, sure you can get more pics to the card.. however you are not getting the best quality your camera has to offer.  Why spend the money on a decent
camera if you don't utilize what it has to offer?  If any of you take pics to send to me..
make sure they're shot with HIGH resolution.....  (not, good or better)!!
And send them to me right out of the camera.

For those of you who have to use 35mm.... make sure you have enough
lighting, and.. again ... make sure you fill the viewfinder with your subject... not a lot
of other meaningless surroundings.  Keep the glass of your scanner clean.  (Top)

# 3

Center the Subject:  No matter which kind of camera you choose to use... learn
how to get the subject in the center of the picture... and, Get into the habit of turning the
camera to suit the subject's pose... meaning... vertical -- if she's standing, horizontal -- if she's
lying down.  Very simple, huh?   You'd be surprised how many people take every picture
while holding the camera in just one position... (mostly for wide shots). Just use common sense..
Look through the view-finder on every shot... and ask yourself... "Is this the kind of picture I'd
want to see?" ----  "What can I do to make the picture better?"

# 4

Picture Size: Send the originals, don't resize!  Create an "Originals" folder in your computer to save all your unedited pictures.  If you need to edit your pictures for whatever your reason, then create another folder, name it "Edited Pictures" & copy & paste the originals for editing there.  Send us pictures from your "Originals" folder only!

Do not send video captures... as the video-cap technology is a LONG way from being
acceptable to post.  (Top)

# 5

Scanning:   For those of you who still wish to use your 35 mm and scan the pictures...
make sure you have a decent scanner.   Like the cheap digi-cams... a cheap scanner,
is little more than a piece of beige junk.  you get what you pay for.  wait till you can afford a good one.
Remember, as with the cameras, LEARN HOW TO GET THE BEST SCANS..
99.9% of the time... a scanned picture cannot begin
to compare to a good digi-cam pic... in terms of quality
Experiment..Experiment..Experiment  (Top)

# 6

Editing/Processing Your Pictures:  We'll do that for you! (Save in 100% compression to be the best).  Don't save at 70-75 % which makes for much poorer quality.   (Top)

# 7

POSES:  Get natural poses... relaxed...  even some candid-looking shots... as if you were a voyeur.
Sex scenes that show off her ass is a plus. Be sure to get some shots of your lady wearing PANTIES... preferably, what I call "Shiney-Hiney" panties...... those of satin, or other shiny material.
The thongs... they're okay too, butt let's see her ASSets in some PANTIES.. and swimsuits.  (Top)

# 8

LIGHTING:  *Use The Flash....*  Make sure your lighting is not behind your subject!!  Experiment..Experiment..Experiment.  That's the beauty of using a digital camera...... you can see the picture almost right away.. instead of waiting for pictures to be developed.  (Top)

# 9

whatever is NECESSARY to be in the picture - simple or plain is best!  (Top)

# 10

Colors NOT to Wear: in a picture...
black, or dark colored clothing is not good.   The camera simply does not allow you to
appreciate all the curves and crevices.  So much is lost... that deprives the viewer of
seeing all of you.. and your body.. in all it's glory.
STAY AWAY FROM BLACK.. AND DARK COLORS except when wearing underwear.  (Top)

# 11

What to Showcase: Showcase your best attributes.
If you're best feature is your breasts... then, by all means, take LOTS of breast pics... from all
angles... and include several close-ups.  By the same token, if your best ASSet is your BEHIND
.... then,  SHOW ME THE ASS!!!   Too many women with luscious asses..
have very few pictures taken which feature their butts.   PLEASE showcase your best feature
when taking pictures, or having your pictures taken.  You know whether it's your ass, or breasts,
which is your best feature.   (Top)

# 12

Do: Set your Camera to Automatic - Let the camera do all the fine tuning.  Don't: Innovation and experimentation can be good.... butt only after you've mastered the art of producing quality pictures.  In other words... stay away from special effects.. like ... sepia... gray-scaling... bordering... and other things your mind may try to dream up... in an attempt to make your pictures look different from everybody else's. Different rarely is better. Concentrate on producing the finest quality pictures you can.. and this
can only be attained by PRACTICE..PRACTICE..PRACTICE.  (Top)

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