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  • 1st submission of at least 20+ Good Quality Un-edited Pictures gives you a 1 month membership.
  • Please send more than 20 just in case certain images can't be used.
  • For every 20 additional Good Quality Un-edited Pictures, adds another month to your membership.
  • After 3 months of submissions, you can request a free Preview DVD.
  • Please Visit Our Picture Tips, Do's & Don'ts Page
  • Lifetime memberships - Go to for details
  • We will not accept anymore of the following - grainy, blurry, video stills or small photos (640 x 480).
Pictures are subject to our approval.
When your 1 month membership is over, submit 20 or more new pictures to renew your 1 month membership.
Please send different poses & of the highest quality your equipment is capable of producing.

Please Don't Send pics that are posted on free web sites


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Bigger is definitely Better Quality & Quantity Bigger is definitely Better

Quality = 100% / Size = 1024 X 768 Minimum   -  * Even Higher resolutions are preferred! *


Don't bother sending bad quality pictures

Remember: This is a Big Butt Site!

Do Submit her showing off her curves, having sex, gang banged, etc.

Anal / Back / Bending Over / Squatting / You get the Idea! 


Before Submitting - Visit Picture Tips, Do's & Don'ts

Yes Momma!

Don't forget to Submit From Behind Pics

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Submitting Photos:

* All persons in the photos must be of legal age.       No one under 18!!!!
* You must have permission from all persons in the photos to submit them to the web site.
* Don't Edit Your Photos!  Please Don't resize or put your email address on the pics!  I'll do all the editing for you! Click here for Picture Tips, Do's & Don'ts
* Pictures must Belong to You only.     Not from other sites!
* Updates must be 20 pictures per to maintain your free membership...(Minimum once per Month).
If your pics are considered stolen, they will not be posted
* Please send High Quality .JPG or .JPEG pictures only!
* Please give a TITLE name to call your pictures & New Web Page & for identifying your pics.
* *Optional* Please give a Description with your pictures.
* If you wish to remain anonymous, but want to hear from the members, then get an anonymous free e-mail account from, or  Yahoo is much better...
* By submitting photos you are stating that you agree to the above rules, and are abiding by them. Use the link below to submit your photos.

Video Clips are not part of the free membership offer, but they are appreciated along with your photo submission.

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