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Instructions on how to cope with WebTV!

It has come to our attention that WebTV does not ask for login/password combination all the time and just goes directly to login error page. This problem occurs with ALL such login pages not just with our site. WebTV support has been less than helpful in this matter. We are looking for a solution, but since these are standard logins there is not much that can be done except to inform WebTV of the problem. They will most likely try to claim the world is incompatible instead of the other way around. However if they get enough feedback they might look into it. To contact WebTV/MSN TV click here.

AOL/CS & FreeServe Help
Instructions on how to cope with AOL!

New! It appears AOL 7.0 fixes the login problem.

These are problems with AOL! This info does not apply to people using standard ISPs to access the internet. We have contacted AOL and they said this was the only solutions and there is no plans to fix these issues. FreeServe (UK) has demonstrated similar problems. 

1. We answer ALL emails! For some reason AOL will randomly discard your email and not inform the sender that this was done.
Try using an alternative email provider like
Be aware also that AOL provides no easy way to include previous email messages so Customer Service can follow the conversation, for this reason please include all relevant info in all replies.

2. If you cannot login using your built in AOL Browser then use the default windows browser Internet Explorer. Most machines have a version of this installed that should work fine. If you do not have it installed or it is an older version you can download it for free from

 Fix AOL Graphics and Video!
Instructions on how to change your preferences!


(AOL Compressed Graphics on)


(AOL Compressed Graphics off)

AOL automatically compresses graphics to save bandwidth. But Java videos won't work and graphics look very bad (see above)

Here are instructions on how to to do it with AOL 4.0:

Note: If you have AOL 3.0 or earlier, upgrade by using keyword UPGRADE (GO UPGRADE)

1. Click on "Preferences" under My AOL.


2. Click on WWW under preferences.


3. Click on the "Web Graphics" tab. Then uncheck "Use compressed graphics" (it is unchecked below). Then Click "OK". If "Use compressed graphics" is already unchecked, do not check it - just click "OK"

4. That's it! To reload a page without compressed graphics, hold down the Control Key (Ctrl on your keyboard) and click on Reload on the AOL browser.


It is recommended that you change to another Internet Service Provider!
AOL is the only ISP that fools password systems to think you are sharing!!!

In the mean time, connect to the internet with AOL then minimize AOL's browser and open up your internet explorer browser & do all your internet exploring as you usually do without tolerating AOL's nonsense.

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